Optimizing the Space You’re In

Space Use & Operating Expenses Review

Space and occupancy costs can add up fast for nonprofits. Using our expertise in lease administration and our knowledge of occupancy and space planning, our space use and operating expenses review will provide you with a detailed real estate analysis.

Space Use & Operating Expenses Review

Finding Your Best Fit

We‘ll help you trim costs, find savings, identify potential surplus space conditions, and review your leases to make sure you are not being overbilled pursuant to your lease arrangements, and that you are receiving your contracted services. We bring deep experience and expert strategies.

  • Review of lease agreements
  • Space planning
  • Property analysis
  • Review of occupancy expenses

Uncovering Your Hidden Costs

It’s easy to lose track of space and occupancy costs in the course of doing normal business. But identifying and reducing these expenses can improve your organization’s bottom line, freeing resources for the work at hand.