There’s a Time to Grow

Development Analysis

As part of The O’Connell Companies, Appleton Corporation uses a development analysis model to assist your nonprofit organization with its growth or relocation plans.

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Finding the True Costs

We’ll help you understand the real costs associated with moving, owning or leasing, as well as the costs of building or renovating your own space. Our range of services free up your staff to concentrate on serving your community:

  • Property development analysis
  • Property development planning
  • Nonprofit relocation planning
  • Renovation cost analysis
  • Growth analysis
  • Building cost analysis

In addition, we can help analyze potential locations you may be considering to determine if they will meet your long term needs. We can also provide project-management services to help you build a new space or remodel an old one. Contact Paul Stelzer or Matt Flink if you would like to review any of your real estate issues in strict confidence.